What is the Cinemobile?  

What is the Cinemobile?
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Ireland’s first travelling cinema, the Cinemobile, takes to the road this year, to visit smaller venues and communities all over the island. It’s a unique, imaginative venture to bring the pictures to your doorstep. The Cinemobile is a magnificent, state-of- the- art machine, which in 45 minutes magically transforms into an air-conditioned 100-seater cinema. This must be seen to be believed.

Already in France, for the last fifteen years, the Cinemobile has been a part of the rural landscape. Two years ago Scotland began touring their own machine in the Highlands and Islands. The Irish initiative is one of the most adventurous of the National Millennium Committee.

The pilot tour along the Border counties of Ireland took place in 1996, the centenary of cinema. In small towns and villages, children, teenagers, adults and senior citizens enthusiastically took to the idea of a regular visit from the Cinemobile.

On that tour, new Irish films were shown and proved to be an eye-opener to audiences who thrilled at the new talent among Irish filmmakers. Several of those who participated wrote afterwards about the

The new Irish Cinemobile will bring international, European and Irish features, short films, documentaries and animation to your neighbourhood and re-awaken Ireland’s passion for this great form of modern story-telling.

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